What is Max-Defense?

Max-Defense is a revolutionary turn key program designed specifically for building services companies that trains and authorizes them how to market and apply our cutting edge three-step deep cleaning/disinfecting/bio-barrier coating process that features the mPale™ Anti-Microbial with the AEGIS Microbe Shield Technology™.
mPale™is the cornerstone of the Max-Defense System. It forms a “shieldlike” anti-microbial bio-barrier coating that wages a non-toxic warfare against nasty microbes. mPale™will literally coat your hard and soft surfaces with a layer of silicone based sword shaped molecules that are covalently bonded together to form a barrier of protection on your surfaces. The silane based active ingredient was created by the “king of polymers” Dow Corning in 1969 and obtained the first registration for the product in 1978. This technology has been used by Nike, Reebok, and Adidas to counteract bacteria growth and odor from bacteria.