We have a unique and extremely effective Anti-Microbial treatment that fights against a long list of microbes for month after month after initial treatment. Our anti-microbial coating provides a non-toxic bio-barrier shield-like protective coating that wages warfare against offending microbes.

The coating used in our system has been used on numerous schools, professional sports teams, industrial facilities and more. Our very first client that we served was West Point Military Academy. This would be an extra service beyond the normal contract. We are the first and only MaxDefense Authorized Service Provider in Chattanooga!

The coating is EPA Registered and utilizes Green Technology.  It is applied with a Electrostat Sprayer that breaks up the particles into micron size molecules that will cover the entire surface including the smallest crevices.  We verify the effectiveness of our coating by performing a pre-treatment bacteria count  and a post treatment bacteria count with our state of the art hand held bacteria meter.  Each client will be given the pre and post treatment bacteria count report to verify the Max-Defense’s effectiveness.

Click Here to Watch a Short Video describing the science behind the Max-Defense System