architecture, skyscraper, glass facades-2256490.jpgC.M.S. Inc. is a professional commercial janitorial company based out of Chattanooga TN with offices in Cleveland TN, Dalton GA, Nashville TN, Knoxville TN, Huntsville AL, Cookeville TN, and Johnson City TN.  

Our primary goal is to remove the “janny headaches” from our clients – and oh – there can be many.  But it doesn’t have to be that way!

AT CMS we have a simple philosophy….. we call it the “Janitorial Triangle”.  At the top of the triangle is the client – they are most important point of the triangle but supporting that client at the bottom two points are the cleaning staff and the cleaning management team.  Our goal is all three points of that “janitorial triangle” are happy, happy!!

Schedule a walk through with us and we can explain more about the “janitorial triangle” and how it keeps our clients – happy, happy!!

What type of facilities do we service?


We provide custodial services for schools, medical offices, surgery centers, industrial plants, car dealerships, restaurants, day care centers, call centers, gov’t facilities, and more.

We strive to provide all of our clients large, medium or small with outstanding service and professional janitorial services.  Our goal is to take great care of our clients, cleaners, and managers if we do that we can be the best commercial cleaning service in our markets. 

We provide professional janitorial services for over 3 million square feet per day of commercial office space in the Chattanooga, Cleveland, Dalton, Nashville, Knoxville, Huntsville AL, Cookeville TN, and Johnson City TN and beyond.  We have a strong and experienced ownership and management team.  We are committed to providing your facility with the Best Personnel, Best Products, and Best Price Possible.

We are a full service janitorial company therefore we can provide:

What to expect as a CMS client: 

  • Our Cleaners – They are the most important asset we have.  They will be:  paid well, treated well, uniformed and have a photo ID – the pay allows us to attract and keep the best of the best cleaners.
  • Our Insurance and Bonding – It is robust.  – We service many medical facilities, banks, and commercial facilities – they require us to keep a robust amount of insurance, bonding and Worker’s Comp.  You have a lot of value in your property and assets – we have all the necessary coverage to protect those.  Of course, we don’t want to ever use our coverage but it’s there in case it’s needed.
  • Our Equipment – It will all be brand new to start your account and maintained/replaced as needed – We won’t roll into your account with a 23- year old mop bucket and a vacuum from 1962 😊 .
  • Our Chemicals –  (SC Johnson Commercial) are top of the line – Our disinfectant will be EPA registered and have the kill claims for the coronavirus and a host of other bad guys (bacteria and viruses).
  • Our Management – Our team is strong – We all know the janitorial business very well.  You will have one dedicated manager to your account.  One manager, one call.
  • Our Culture – It’s a customer first, no excuses, get the job done right, hard working, and quick responding attitude from our team.  You will get our best effort.
  • Our Pricing – We try to be very competitive with our pricing but may not be the lowest price in town.  We payout a high percentage of the billing amount in labor – so if you see our pricing a bit higher than others, there is a good chance we are paying out more to the cleaners – which is a good thing for the long run!

Contact us Today to Discuss your Facility Cleaning Needs – We’d love to talk janny!