Hygiene Monitoring

We Clean and We can Prove it !

How do you really know that your surfaces are clean?
Would you like scientific proof that your facilities are truly “clean”?
Our Hygiene Monitoring program will give you measurable data so you can track the cleanliness of your surfaces.
We make the invisible – visible with our Hygiene Monitoring service.  We can show you within 15 seconds if your surfaces are clean with our equipment.  Our equipment measures the amount ATP on a surface.  ATP is energy source found in most living organisms including bacteria and molds.  By reducing ATP levels you will reducing the amount of potentially harmful microbes that are on a given surface.  We also can provide you with an easy to read yet sophisticated software generated report for you as well.
Please Note: Starting 5/1/2020 – All MAX-DEFENSE ANTIMICROBIAL SERVICE (which is our CDC Compliant COVID-19 disinfection process) clients receive Free Pre and Post Treatment ATP Swabbing along with a Post Treatment Report and Certificate.