Why choose C.M.S for your janitorial partner?

There are many great commercial cleaning services and janitorial services in the in our markets.  What separates C.M.S. from the competition?  Why choose CMS for your janitorial partner:

  • ExperienceOver 25 Years in the janitorial business.  We know the industry well!
  • Management –  Our core managers have an average of 15-25 years experience.    
  • Local – Each market has a local office with a local managers, supervisors and cleaning techs.  We are not an “out of town” company.
  • Not a Franchise – We don’t have to pay royalties “upstream” .  We can direct more dollars to the where it matters…..the cleaning staff.   You’ve heard the saying “happy wife equal happy life”, right?  Well that same saying works in janitorial “happy cleaners equal happy clients” but it just doesn’t rhyme :)
  • Leaders – We are constantly evolving and staying current w/ technology.  We don’t stay stagnate with technology and procedures.
  • Green – We are committed to Green Cleaning and use “Green” certified products.  We can tailor a Green Cleaning Program for you!
  • Outstanding Floor Techs – Our floor techs are experts with hard and soft flooring.  We’ve cleaned just about every floor type made.  
  • Background Checked Cleaners – All cleaners are required to pass a criminal background check.
  • Hard Working and Friendly Cleaners – C.M.S. cleaners will have a uniform, ID Badge and a smile.
  • We are Full-Service – We can perform regular janitorial services, deep cleaning projects, floor care, window washing, pressure washing, Max-Defense Antimicrobial Service, Electrostatic Spraying, ULV Cold Fogging and more !
  • ReachWe have multiple offices in the Southeast, so if you have multiple locations in the Southeast we can help.  If we don’t have an office where you have one, we will have great vendor partners we can team with.  We can get you out of the janitorial business.  Let us handle your headaches with a regional contract!