CMS offers CDC Compliant COVID-19 Exposure Disinfection Services

Has your building been exposed with a person who tested positively for the coronavirus.  Are you looking for a commercial cleaning service in Chattanooga, Nashville, Knoxville, Cleveland TN and/ or Dalton GA that has a CDC compliant cleaning and disinfecting process for exposed buildings?

CMS, offers COVID-19 clean up and disinfection services in Chattanooga, Cleveland, Dalton, Nashville and Knoxville.  We have a CDC compliant coronavirus cleaning and disinfection service for commercial buildings with exposure or suspected exposure to COVID-19.  It’s called our Max-Defense Antimicrobial Service.  It’s the most robust disinfection service we offer.   We have been performing this service for over 10 years.

Our Max-Defense Antimicrobial Service is compliant with the CDC’s cleaning / disinfection protocol for CORONAVIRUS exposed commercial facilities.  We have already treated numerous facilities in our service areas with either a precautionary/proactive service or after a confirmed or highly suspected exposure case.

The CDC recommends a thorough cleaning of touch point surfaces and then a disinfection with an EPA registered disinfectant on the approved list to use against COVID-19 for exposed buildings coupled with the proper PPE.   It’s a good 1-2 punch.

Our process, goes two steps further.  Let me explain our four step process:

Step One:  Thoroughly clean the touch points (door knobs, desks, phones, sinks, counters….)

Step Two: Disinfect those touch points with an EPA registered chemical approved for the COVID-19.   

Step Three: Apply an anti-microbial coating that acts as a barrier to fight against the new growth of bacteria, fungi, and mold.  It’s our strongest proactive and precautionary approach to keeping surfaces protected those microbes.  





Step 4: Test: We use our ATP meter to swab test the surfaces before and after treatment.  ATP is the fuel source for bacteria, the ATP readings give you measurable data about how clean your surfaces are.  

Following each service, a post treatment report with ATP numbers and certificate is provided by CMS.  This is a great tool to instill confidence to your clients and staff inside your facility that you care enough to have your facility professionally cleaned and disinfected with a very meticulous and thorough process.

We are the exclusive Max-Defense Service Provider in our area and have been performing these services since 2011.   We were trained and authorized by the distributor of the coating.    We have serviced many industrial plants, locker rooms, medical facilities, commercial buildings, etc. in the greater Chattanooga and beyond – especially in that past couple weeks.

The coating we use has also been applied for decades on a number NBA, NHL, and NFL locker rooms.  It’s been applied on bus terminals, large airports, airplanes, and more……

Please note: we cannot and are not making any health claims that this will reduce and/or stop illnesses from happening in your facility – this is simply a great way to clean, disinfect and protect your surfaces that meets the CDC guidelines.  After application the coating still must be kept clean to remain exposed, so good housekeeping practices must still be employed.  Example, if we treat a door knob and mechanic has grease on his/her hands and the knob gets covered in grease —- we the coating is probably not going to work as effectively.

If your facility has been exposed or if you interested in a precautionary Max-Defense treatment feel free to contact us for a quote.  Click here to request a quick quote.