CMS successfullly provides UTC Wrestling, Soddy Daisy Wrestling, and Cleveland HS Wrestling Arenas & Locker Rooms with the MaxDefense Treatment!

All three Head Coaches were very impressed with the thoroughness and results of the treatment. Hats off to Coach Heath Eslinger, Coach Eric Phillips, and Coach Steve Henry for taking the fight to MRSA and Ringworm!

All wrestling mats and locker rooms were treated using the MaxDefense 3-Step Process. Step 1: Deep Clean, Step 2: Disinfect and Step 3: Coat with our EPA Registered anti-microbial mPaletm featuring the Dow Chemical active ingredient AEGIS Microshield Technologytm.

mPaletm feauturing the AEGIS Microshield Technologytm provide an polymer shield of positive charged silicone based molecules that are shaped like spears. The spear shaped molecules attract the negatively charged microbes, puncture them, and give off a small electrical charge which “zaps” them rendering the microbes unable to reproduce!

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