Why Do I Need It?

Why Would My Facility or Home Need a MaxD Anti-Microbial Treatment?

Great question, the answer is somewhat simple.  Most name brand disinfectants currently used do a great job of killing microbes.  However, once the chemical dries it is no longer effective to kill, in other words, there is no residual killing power, so the surface is re-contaminated easily.  Our system will initially kill 99.9% of microbes and then our Anti-Microbial Coating will continue to fight microbes for up to one year in most cases.  Only wear and very caustic chemicals will remove your silicone based and polymer anti-microbial coating.

Secondly, most offices and homes are not cleaned everyday by the regular cleaning staff.  Many offices are cleaned only 2-3 times per week.  Even if an office is cleaned every day, most janitorial staff don’t clean the areas with high germ counts per square inch, such as: phones, keyboards, mouse’s, door handles, etc.

Thirdly, most disinfectants need 30 Seconds to up to 10 minutes of “dwell time” for the chemical to effectively kill a broad spectrum of microbes.  However, if you notice most cleaning staff will spray and wipe surface and not give the chemical time to effectively kill the microbes.

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